What Is Backslash (Computing)?

What Is Backslash (Computing)?

Backslash is a personality closely utilized in computing and created by Bob Bemer in 1960. The backslash is a extremely popular character additionally utilized in totally different areas and known as backward slash, downward slash, reverse solidus, and many others. The backslash is depicted as . The backslash is created after the forward-slash and have become in style with the recognition of the Microsoft MS-DOS working programs.

Backslash On Keyboard

A personality backslash might be positioned in several places of a keyboard which is principally associated to the keyboard language and tradition. For instance for US-based keyboards for various variations, the backslash is positioned above the SHIFT key and between " and Enter keys.

Why Use Backslash?

Backslash can be utilized in several functions for various functions.One of the crucial in style usecase is the MS-DOS and home windows. Backslash is utilized in home windows to delimit totally different directories and information. Within the following instance backslash is used to specify the trail of directories and information.

C:Program FilesMicrosoftInternet Explorer

On this instance, the backslash is used to gives directories and partition C: , Program Recordsdata , Microsoft , Web Explorer .

A backslash might be additionally used to specify a community share or useful resource location in SMB. The primary two backslashes are used to begin the useful resource location and specify the host through the IP handle or hostname. Within the following instance, the useful resource or share is positioned on the dc.poftut.com within the listing named Public .


Backslash additionally used for various programming language for various causes. In C, C++, PHP, C#, Java double backslash is used to create single line remark like beneath.

 It is a remark.

A lot of the trendy programming languages additionally use single slash with the n character n to outline a brand new line.