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Right here at Hackaday, we positively like to rejoice the exhausting hacks: the insane feats of reverse engineering, the physics-defying flights of fancy, or the abuse of innovative know-how. However in the present day I’d like to boost a rhetorical glass in tribute of the easy hacks. As a result of, to be completely sincere, the huge majority of my hacks are easy hacks, and it’s in all probability the identical for you too. And these usually go unsung as a result of, properly, they’re easy. However that doesn’t imply that one thing easy can’t be useful.

Working example: an ESP8266 press-buttons gadget that we featured this week. It doesn’t do a lot. It’s fundamental characteristic is that it connects to a house automation community over WiFi and allows you to flip three relays. Wires coming off the board are to be soldered to the not-yet-smart gadget in query, merely related to every aspect of the button you’d wish to press. Within the instance, a espresso machine was turned on and the “go” button pressed, automating one of the important kitchen rituals. Whereas recording the podcast, I spotted that I’ve constructed basically this gadget and have it controlling our home’s heating furnace.

For the skilled hacker, there’s not a lot right here. It’s a easy board design, the software program closely leverages ESPHome, so there’s not a lot work on that entrance both. However think about that you simply lacked any of the wide-ranging abilities that it takes to make such a tool: PCB format, ESP8266 software program wrangling, or the nuances of designing with relays. You can simply as simply construct this gadget mistaken as proper. The startup prices are non-trivial.

Making a easy design like this accessible to the general public isn’t a technical flex, and it’s not contributing to the innovative. However it simply is perhaps giving somebody their first style of DIY residence automation, and a candy style of success. There’s not a lot simpler than discovering a swap and soldering on two wires, but when that’s the spark that pushes them on their path to better hacks, that’s superior. And even when it doesn’t, not less than it’s one other equipment beneath person management, related to a personal WiFi community relatively than spying you out and phoning residence to Large Toaster.

So right here’s to the easy hacks!